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Submit   Ask Me Anything =]   Im miss MIStreated MISplaced and MISunderstood Miss "no way its all good" easily MIStaken always second guessing and Underestimated BUT annnnyyywhooo Welcome to my life! At heart ima wild flower child /(free birdie) just waiting to break out of my shell!, free spirited my mind is forever in the clouds i dont ever wanna come down! Escape the norm you are now entering into a galaxy where no one conforms! Space bound! Feel free to ask me anythinggg i dont bite ;) unless you like that kinda stuff :p Respect my thoughts as i respect yours! Not here to judge just wanna party and bullshittt :D


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    Smh these just makes me cry so sad #ButTheyreSurviors #SoStrong

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      This breaks my heart. Dirty fucking assholes
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      "I couldn’t move"
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      Smh these just makes me cry so sad #ButTheyreSurviors #SoStrong
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